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[Annual Events and Holidays] Swallapalooza = Aquapalooza
My family and I have enjoyed Lake Mead for years, but only as invited guests a few times a year.  This past summer, however, we bought our first boat(s) and spent two-thirds of our weekends on the water.  Rain or shine, windy or calm, we took to the waters and loved every minute of it!

Early in the year, I read about Aquapalooza, an annual gathering in Swallow Cove.  For the life of me, I could not find any information on Aquapalooza 2014 on Lake Mead.  After further research (Wikipedia:Aquapalooza) I learned that Aquapalooza is a nationwide event sponsored by Sea Ray boats.  I intend to reach out to Marine Center of Las Vegas, our local Sea Ray dealer, and see if this is something that still exists.

If Sea Ray has stopped supporting this event, then I propose we start our own local event -- Swallapalooza 2015.  If they are still sponsoring Aquapalooza, then I would like see a better effort of communicating this event and work on promoting next year's party!
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